Venue for Tutorials

Brno University of Technology (BUT)

BUT was the first Czech university in Moravia. The university started with four professors and 47 students and gradually reached the position of an internationally recognized educational institution that offers current top scientific and professional knowledge at eight faculties and three higher education institutions. Students can get a quality education in a wide range of fields from technical, natural sciences, through economics to art. A significant part of BUT's activities is research and development, which takes place mainly on the premises of research centers.

About the Faculty of Information Technology

The planned venue for tutorials of Interspeech 2021 is the campus of the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT. It is centered around an old monastery founded by Carthusian monks in the 13th century. In the past, the owner of the monastery changed several times and finally, since the middle of the 20th century, it has been owned by the Technological University in Brno.

After the establishment of FIT in 2002, the campus underwent a thorough reconstruction and was extended by several modern lecture halls and laboratory spaces. The reconstruction and extension won several architectural prizes for respecting the historical heritage while at the same creating modern and functional spaces. Nowadays, it provides a base for more than 2500 BUT FIT students and 300 academic, research and support staff. The campus forms an integral part of Kralovo Pole and regularly hosts events such as workshops, and conferences.