ISCA Membership

To participate in the conference, you must be an ISCA member during the entire duration of the conference (Aug 30-Sep 3, 2021).

Please consider the following options:

  1. If you are an ISCA member already, please retrieve your membership number and status from the ISCA Members List before proceeding to online registration.
  2. If you are not yet an ISCA member, please consider one of the two following options:
    1. Join ISCA using the ISCA Online Membership Application System before registration for the conference (note: this application might take up to 48h to be confirmed).
    2. Choose a conference registration as Non Member and membership fee will be offered automatically. (note: this option is more costly as an administrative fee will be charged).

Note: Institutional memberships and full memberships with discounts based on annual income can only be applied for through the ISCA website!