Author Resources

Paper submissions must conform to the format defined in the paper preparation guidelines and as detailed in the Author's Kit.

Author instructions include the following points:

  • Standard Paper Length: The maximum number of pages is five. The 5th page may be used exclusively for references. The references should begin on an earlier page immediately after the Acknowledgements section, and continue onto the 5th page. If no space is available on an earlier page, then the references may begin on the 5th page.
  • Template: To prepare your paper for submission, please always download a fresh copy of the template from this webpage and please read the format instructions in the template before you use it for your paper.
  • Show & Tell Submissions: The same template can be used in this case, however the maximum number of pages for the submission to the Show & Tell stream of Interspeech 2021 is two. S&T submissions must include a video illustration of the demonstration to be shown. All video files must be playable with the current version of the VLC video player.
  • Abstract: The total length of the abstract is limited to 200 words. The abstract included in your paper and the one you enter during web-based submission must be identical. Avoid non-ASCII characters or symbols as they may not display correctly in the abstract book.
  • Authors: The maximum number of authors in the author list is twenty. If the number of contributing authors is more than twenty, they should be listed in a footnote or in acknowledgement section, as appropriate. Please check the paper submission policy for information on coverage and copyright. Note that the review process IS NOT double blind. Therefore, the names of the authors have to be present on (all versions of) the submitted papers.
  • LRE Map: The LRE Map sheds light on the vast amount of resources that represent the background of the research presented at various conferences devoted to language and speech. It can be accessed here.
    • As part of the submission process we collect information on both existing resources that have been used in the research work presented, and on resources that have been newly created. The resource entry form is very simple to make this process as easy as possible. For example the forms include auto-completion that takes into account metadata inserted by all participants so far.
    • In order to allow accurate citations of the LR(s) cited in any INTERSPEECH paper, a ISLRN (International Standard Language Resource Number) can be specified for each resource included in the LRE Map. If the resource does not have an ISLRN (make sure to tick the box “No ISLRN/I don’t know”), ELRA will handle the assignment of this identifier.
  • PDF Format: Authors are requested to submit PDF files of their manuscripts. The PDF file should comply with the following requirements:
    • there must be no PASSWORD protection on the PDF file at all;
    • the file must be text searchable (do CTRL-F and try to find a common word such as ‘the’) and
    • all fonts must be embedded; To embed the fonts, you may use the following instructions:
      1. For Windows users, the bullzip printer can convert any PDF to have embedded and subsetted fonts.
        • when saving the Word file as a PDF file, click Option.
        • Check the [PDF/A] in PDF option, and click OK.
        • Then click the save button.
      2. For Linux/Mac users, you may use
        $ pdftops file.pdf
        $ pstopdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress file.pdf

        Note: on some distributions, these utilities may be named pdf2ps and ps2pdf, respectively.

  • No Logos: Authors should not use logos in acknowledgement section; rather authors should acknowledge corporations by naming them only.
  • Language: The paper should be written in English.

If a submitted draft does not conform to the guidelines, it will be rejected without review.

Authors may optionally accompany their papers with additional files, such as multimedia files, to be included on the proceedings’ USB drive. Authors must declare that their contributions are original and are not submitted for publication elsewhere (e.g. another conference, workshop, or journal).

The Author’s Kit comprises of templates for LaTeX and MSWORD.

Download Author's KIT [ZIP]