Instructions for authors of accepted papers

Dear authors of papers,

The peer review process for Interspeech 2021 is now completed. Every paper received at least 3 reviews, and the Area Chairs have thoroughly analysed the comments and scores of the reviewers in making decisions, and put together an exciting technical program for the conference.

Given the exceptionally large number of high-quality submissions received, this has proved to be a difficult task, and many interesting papers could not be included. The overall acceptance rate this year is just below 50%.

As we have experienced problems with sending emails to certain countries and institutions, this page contains instructions from the emails. In order to verify the acceptance or rejection of your paper and to see the reviews, please login to the START system with your credentials.

In case your paper was accepted, please read through the rest of this page carefully as it contains important information related to revising and presenting your paper, registration and travel information, student grants and opportunities, and further events.

Please note that there are several deadlines to keep in mind

  • June 15 - submission of revised paper and registration of author(s) covering the paper. This is a firm deadline and no extension will be granted for any reason.
  • June 10 (midnight CET) - Travel grant application deadline
  • June 18 - Travel grant notifications sent
  • June 20 - final decision on the format of Interspeech 2021 - hybrid or fully virtual.
  • June 25 - registration of paper presenters. Please note that this is something new, but we need to know who will present each paper in order to build hybrid and fully virtual sessions and to assign presenters of papers to the conference platform.
  • June 30 - instructions for presentation will be published on the Interspeech 2021 website and sent by email to authors and presenters.
  • July 15 - schedule of papers will be available.

1. Paper Revision

The reviews of your paper are available in the START system. Please go through the reviews methodically and pay careful attention to the reviewers’ suggestions. The Program Committee worked very hard to thoroughly review your paper, so please repay their efforts, by carefully considering their suggestions when you revise your paper.

Please ensure that the final manuscript for your paper fully complies with the paper preparation guidelines available at, by using the provided templates and information therein.

In particular, make sure that you use this year's author kit, that your paper is in A4 format, and that there is nothing but references on the 5th page. The paper format will be verified. Be aware that papers that do not conform to the format specifications will not be published in the proceedings.

Your final manuscript must be uploaded by June 15, 2021 (AoE) at the following site:

When you submit the updated paper, keep in mind that the updated version must maintain the title, authors (in the same order) and abstract of the originally submitted version, and that text changes should remain limited. The Technical Program Committee reserves the right to disregard your changes if the new version differs too much from what the reviewers accepted.

2. Registration

Coverage of papers

Each paper must be covered by at least by one of its co-authors with a full, student, or a retired registration. Participants registering as retired or student will be able to cover at most two papers for presentation and publication, and participants paying a full registration can cover a maximum of 4 papers including papers from Show-and-Tell, if any. Papers will only be accepted and published in the proceedings if at least one of its authors has officially registered for the conference no later than Tuesday June 15, 2021. Due to publication deadlines, no exceptions will be tolerated (unless you apply for an ISCA Travel Grant, see further information below). The registration portal will be open on June 8th and you can find more information on

Registration of paper presenters

Please note that every paper must also be presented by one of the authors of the paper. Unlike usual physical conferences where it is enough to know the presenter only shortly before the session, we need to know the presenter before-hand, in order to build sessions and prepare data for the conference platform. In case the conference is run in hybrid mode, the presenters physically present in Brno will speak in oral sessions, the ones present virtually in virtual sessions. We need to have the presenters registered by Friday June 25, 2021. This information will also be entered to the registration portal that will open on June 8th. Please note that the deadline for presenter registration is the same as the early registration deadline.

3. Travel Grants

If you are a student or a young researcher, aged 34 and under, you are eligible for one of the travel grants offered by ISCA and INTERSPEECH 2021. This also applies to any of your co-authors that fulfill these requirements. More information about the travel grants as well as instructions for how to apply can be found at

If you intend to apply for a grant, do not register for the conference before you have received notification of the outcome of the grantee selection, on June 18.

Congratulations on your fine work. We look forward to seeing you virtually or in person in Brno. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you in Brno or online!

Lukáš Burget
Lori Lamel
Odette Scharenborg
Petr Motlicek

Technical Program Chairs, Interspeech 2021