Conference platform testing

Dear speech colleagues and friends,

Interspeech 2021 will feature “Unified virtual sessions” for paper presentations and we’re working hard with the professional conference organizer (Guarant International) and GCON conference platform provider (T.R.I.) to offer as interactive experience as possible. As many as 90 paper (9 sessions, each with 10 papers) might run in parallel.

For this, we would like the conference platform to undergo some hard testing, and we’d need your help !

For Tuesday 22nd 15:00-17:00 CEST, we need volunteers to play paper presenters, session chairs and regular participants. You won’t need to prepare anything, the content will be pre-filled from one of the last editions of Interspeech.

  • Presenters should present papers (don’t worry it won’t be your paper), you can just say anything, even sing !
  • Sessions chairs will be going through papers of their sessions, checking that paper presenters are there and asking questions
  • Non-presenting participants should walk among papers, watch presentations, ask authors, communicate, and simply act as in a normal conference.
  • All will be asked to report feedback to T.R.I.

In case you’re ready to help, please sign up on Your data won’t be used for anything else than this testing.

Many thanks,

Honza Cernocky, Interspeech 2021 general chair
Lukas Burget, Interspeech 2021 lead technical chair